Friday, May 7, 2010

Jr. Jock Gym Camp

It's a sex-ridden gym camp for young, hung, and severely sex-driven stud-twinks. They've got libidos that are set on "stun" and they're always horny...constantly fighting popping boners that won't go down without a good suck 'n fuck session with a hot buddy who's got the same problem. Top or bottom...these guys rut like obsessed animals. These handsome, homegrown hot-blooded troopers have a full program of outdoor activities including nude swimming, hiking au natural and non-stop penetration! This campsite is the perfect place to stir up the primal urges. Passions run wild and these hung hotties go AWOL for a-hole! Once you see these great looking jr. jocks running amok in the buff, you'll be pitching your own pup tent!

Jocks & "Forbidden Sex!"

Starting in high school showers, sweaty jocks play the "macho" games that lead to future sex! Snapping of wet towels. Fondling of hard cocks. Soapy naked wrestling in the showers. A training field for forbidden sex! Watch these hot jocks as they give in to their forbidden urges!

Hard Jocks #4

Tight Asses and Huge Cocks! Men loving men! Cock hungry guys! Hard young dudes! Ass fucking action! Following a hard jock workout on the field...these guys play the field in the locker room. It's just what a young man's got to do when his dick is hard and won't go down until he's gotten off! Time for the buddy system... any hole is fine.

Toned And Fit Hunks

They work out in the gym and then they work IT out on each other. These horny hunks really put their muscles to good use. These well built guys are sure turning each other on, so much so that the action breaks out and goes wild. With one on one as well as several smoking hot threesomes this movie is not to be missed!


Ion Davidov's birthday is the catalyst for his swim team to celebrate with abandon. In training for the upcoming swim meet, they pair off for private encounters in not-so-private places. Poolside, the showers and hallways are just some of the locations of the sex-sessions. The birthday boy fucking Justin Marino in a bathroom may just be the hottest scene Bel Ami ever captured on video. There's more sex than you can shake a stick (or dick) at, with highlights including a double fuck foursome (two [more] couples fucking at the same time), an oral sex scene cumshot which hits a hovering ass, and, leaving no space unusable for sex, a fuck in a narrow hallway on a piece of furniture which wasn't designed for it. Furthermore, there's a really hot and ribald fuck in a bathroom stall, and an early sex scene that sees each partner cum twice (as we all should in real life when we hook up).